“Queen of fruits – Icon of happiness – Taste to enjoy” Many slogan names to prescribe Mango’s beauty and sweetness. Mango is a cortical fruit, one of ancient fruits grown 4,000 years ago, native to India and Florida then cultivated in Yemen, Palestine, Sudan and recently Egypt, especially Ismailia, home of mango in Egypt. Mango is a seasonal fruit of several types and the mature fruits vary in color and size. Usually yellow, orange, red or green, usually the inner seed is either fibrous or hairy surface and not easily separated from the core.

Theory of Mangoisma3lawy.com

Based on our belief that Ismailism is the home of mangoes. We, Mangoisma3lawy.com are specialized in selling and delivering the finest types of mangoes ? from the largest mango farms in Ismailia ? while ensuring a high level of quality in selecting manga through our standards of high precision ?? together with fast delivery of mango to you at the price of mango original. To order your favorite manga, we offer our services very easily through one of the following ways:

1- Shopping directly through our website

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Mangoisma3lawy.com promises fast delivery to your location inside Egypt just you finish your order through our website or our pages or call our number, while ensuring the quality and maturity of mango.